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CR 428: Epic's Receipts

  • Air Date: 2021-08-25
  • Duration: 52 mins 58 secs

About this episode

Things are worse than we ever thought, but that doesn't prevent us from taking a victory lap.

Your hosts

  • The Unicorn Project — The Unicorn Project reveals the Five Ideals: The First Ideal of Locality and Simplicity; The Second Ideal of Focus, Flow, and Joy; The Third Ideal of Improvement of Daily Work; The Fourth Ideal of Psychological Safety; and the Fifth Ideal of Focus on the Customer.
  • The Effective Manager — The Effective Manager is a hands-on practical guide to great management at every level. Written by the man behind Manager Tools, the world's number-one business podcast, this book distills the author's 25 years of management training expertise into clear, actionable steps to start taking today.
  • URLSession — The URLSession class and related classes provide an API for downloading data from and uploading data to endpoints indicated by URLs. Your app can also use this API to perform background downloads when your app isn’t running
  • Objective-See: LuLu — LuLu is the free, open-source firewall that aims to block unknown outgoing connections, protecting your privacy and your Mac!
  • Little Snitch — Little Snitch makes Internet connections visible and puts you back in control!
  • Apple Actively Considers The Competitive Profile of 3rd Party Apps
  • Don’t Feature Competitors in The App Store
  • Sucks to be BigFish Games
  • Great to be Netflix
  • Jeremy C. Owens on Twitter — After another meeting between Apple and Google senior executives, notes showed that the execs agreed: "Our vision is that we work as if we are one company."


aws, c#, c++, coder radio, competitve profile of 3rd party apps, csam scanning, development podcast, insights into management, little snitch, lulu, macos, nsurlsessiond, project hug, rust, the effective manager, the unicorn project, “nsurlsession daemon”

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