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LUP 430: The Real Beefy Miracle

  • Air Date: 2021-11-02
  • Duration: 74 mins 57 secs

About this episode

We check-in with Fedora Project lead Matthew Miller on the state of the project, then conduct our exit interview with Fedora 34, and review Fedora 35.

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anaconda, btrfs, containers, dnf, family friendly fedora, fedora 34, fedora 35, fedora cloud, firecracker, flathub, flatpak, gnome 41, helvum, htop, immutable workstation, jack, jupiter broadcasting, kde plasma, kde spin, kerla, kinoite, krfb, linux podcast, linux unplugged, matthew miller, nintendo switch emulator, oci, ostree, package management, patchbay, pipewire, podman, pro audio, pulseaudio, rdp, remote desktop, rpm-ostree, rust, ryujinx, session manager, silverblue, tailscale, vnc, wayland, wireguard, wireplumber, x11

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