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LUP 544: Half the Bits, Double the Pain

  • Air Date: 2024-01-07
  • Duration: 87 mins 16 secs

About this episode

This challenge gets ugly as we slowly realize we've just become zombie slayers.

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#!++, 32-bit, 32-bit challenge, antennapod, atom n2600, bbs, castamatic, chromium, crunchbang, crunchbangplusplus, debian, debian 12, dell, desktop, distro, electron, fountain, freebsd, gentoo, ghostbsd, hp mini 110, inspiron 6400, intel t2300, jupiter broadcasting, kolide, lfnw, linux, linux podcast, linux unplugged, linuxfest northwest, lmde, mageia, mageia 9, midnightbsd, mumble, nix, nixcon, nixcon na, nixos, nohang, peppermint, podcast index, podverse, psi, scale, texas linux festival, xfce, zram, zswap

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