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LUP 402: Our Worst Idea Yet

  • Air Date: 2021-04-20
  • Duration: 70 mins 1 secs

About this episode

You should never host your own email, so we’ve gone and done just that. What we learned trying to build an email server in 2021.

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5.10, 5.4, active directory, arch, arch server update, btrfs, calendly, calendso, cgroupv2, clamav, containerd, containers, cosmic, dkim, dmarc, dns, docker, docker-mailserver, dovecot, email, email filtering, firefox 87, gnome 3.38, group policy, gtk, imap, ingenuity, jupiter broadcasting, jupiter garage,, kubuntu, let's encrypt, linux 5.11, linux podcast, linuxcopter, lts kernel, mail server, mail-in-a-box, mailroute, mars, mx, networking, perseverance, plasma 5.21, pop!_os, postfix, postgrey, raspberry pi, security, self-hosted appointments, smtp, snap packages, snapd, spam, spamassasin, spf, subspace, system76, tim canham, ubuntu 21.04, unplugged, wayland, wireguard, x11, xorg

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