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LAN 242: Linux Action News 242

  • Air Date: 2022-05-26
  • Duration: 16 mins 10 secs

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5.19, android, automation, broadcom, btrfs, calyx institute, calyxos, copy-on-write, cuda, david box, david sterba, debian, dell, eightwave, emc, f-droid, ffmpeg, foss, gimp, gnome, google summer of code, gpl, gsoc 2022, hans-christoph steiner, kde, libreoffice, linus torvalds, linux 5.18, linux action news, linux foundation, linux news podcast, pat gelsinger, pipewire, plasma, pulseaudio, sdsi, software defined silicon, stretch, suse, tor, ubuntu 22.10, vlc, vmware

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