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CR 441: Dependency Derby

  • Air Date: 2021-11-24
  • Duration: 45 mins 1 secs

About this episode

Are Linux devs getting upset with the Python community? We weigh in on a nuanced issue. Plus the mass-moderator resignation over at Rust, and Mike's thoughts on setting up a dev environment on Windows 11.

Your hosts

  • Windows 11 - A Dev's Perspective — I was up and running with Python / FastAPI in less than a half hour. Postgresql, my database of choice, works just fine on Windows. Coder Radio listeners will know that I have been a fan of WSL for some time, however, for this challenge, I stuck with native Windows tooling. That’s right PowerShell! Upon install and launching the now built-in Windows Terminal, I was prompted to update PowerShell to PowerShell 7 and it’s great. If you only use BASH for basic terminal functionality or git from the CLI, you’ll be just fine on PowerShell.
  • Python: Please stop screwing over Linux distros — I manage my Python packages in the only way which I think is sane: installing them from my Linux distribution’s package manager. I maintain a few dozen Python packages for Alpine Linux myself. It’s from this perspective that, throughout all of this turmoil in Python’s packaging world, I have found myself feeling especially put out. Every one of these package managers is designed for a reckless world in which programmers chuck packages wholesale into ~/.pip, set up virtualenvs and pin their dependencies to 10 versions and 6 vulnerabilities ago, and ship their computers directly into production in Docker containers which aim to do the minimum amount necessary to make their user’s private data as insecure as possible.
  • mod team resignation by BurntSushi · Pull Request #671 · rust-lang/team — The entire moderation team resigns, effective immediately. This resignation is done in protest of the Core Team placing themselves unaccountable to anyone but themselves.
  • 1068-rust-governance - The Rust RFC Book — Subteam, and especially core team members are also held to a high standard of behavior. Part of the reason to separate the moderation subteam is to ensure that CoC violations by Rust's leadership be addressed through the same independent body of moderators.
  • Moderation Team Resignation : r/rust


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