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CR 465: Mike's Magic Mom

  • Air Date: 2022-05-11
  • Duration: 59 mins 47 secs

About this episode

After solving a moral dilemma in our particular kind of way, Mike dishes on some ambitious plans that might kick off a new era of development for him.

Your hosts

  • Episode 5: End of the Petrodollar - Weirdly, not alarmist
  • Episode 14: Can't spell stagflation without oil and gas
  • Leaf Node Monitoring - Leaf Node — Open Source (GPLv3) Network Monitoring for Windows, Linux & Android. Written in C++ & Qt 5. Perfect to run on your desktop and monitor your servers. Simple setup, auto-detects running services, runs checks concurrently, open port scanning and alerting. Hosts with failed checks automatically rise to the top, everything that’s okay stays nice and green.
  • Selling my own GPL software part 3, prior art (existing GPL software for sale)
  • Python.NET — Python.NET provides a powerful application scripting tool for .NET developers. Using this package you can script .NET applications or build entire applications in Python, using .NET services and components written in any language that targets the CLR (C#, VB.NET, F#, C++/CLI).
  • Alice — The AI Bot Designed to make your business more efficient.
  • Joshua Lee / Jb Challenges · GitLab — This repository is setup for the Jupiter Broadcasting Community, by a community member. These challenges are for the Jupiter Broadcasting community and entirely community driven. It's easy make a challenge, and offer a reward in Bitcoin Satoshi's with a match going to Jupiter Broadcasting.
  • An Introduction to Podcasting 2.0 — The Podcast Namespace is a collection of extensions to the RSS 2.0 specification which support additional features for podcasting. The RSS 2.0 spec was last updated in 2009 and there had been little to no activity to update RSS since then.
  • Podcastindex-org/podcast-namespace — A wholistic rss namespace for podcasting that is meant to synthesize the fragmented world of podcast namespaces. The broad goal is to create a single, compact, efficient namespace that is easily extensible, community controlled/authored and addresses the needs of the independent podcast industry now and in the future. Our hope is that this namespace will become the framework that the independent podcast community needs to deliver new functionality to apps and aggregators.


.net python, excel, jarjar, legality of free software, lego star wars game skywalker, market crash, moral dilemma, open core, podcast namespace, podcasting 2.0, python,, pythonnet, retirement, rss 2.0, selling gpl software, software modules, zsh

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