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LUP 433: The Lessons of Jellyfin

  • Air Date: 2021-11-23
  • Duration: 60 mins 19 secs

About this episode

We revisit some old assumptions about the open-source Plex-alternative, Jellyfin. We each try it out, and along the way, gain a few insights about open source.

Your hosts

  • Register for Ohio LinuxFest 2021
  • Kodi “Matrix” 19.3 Release — Okay, we know that we've only just released 19.2, and some of you are probably even still waiting for that, but that's a big part of the reason we need to push out a new build. We still had some challenges with the Xbox release, and some other issues came to light that we didn't want to ignore - so, rather than get into platform-specific point releases, we thought we'd just nudge up to 19.3 and go for it.
  • Jellyfin — Jellyfin is the volunteer-built media solution that puts you in control of your media. Stream to any device from your own server, with no strings attached. Your media, your server, your way.
  • Plex — Plex brings together all the media that matters to you. Your personal collection will look beautiful alongside stellar streaming content.
  • Dual Gigabit Ethernet Carrier Board for Raspberry Pi CM4 4 with 4GB RAM/ 32GB eMMC — It features a variety of I/O peripherals such as MIPI CSI, MIPI DSI, micro-HDMI to connect displays/ cameras, a standard 9-pin USB 3.0 header for more USB expansion, a micro-SD card slot, and an FPC connector while maintaining a compact form factor! This board is ideal for HTPC makers, Linux developers, software router enthusiasts, and the majority of regular Raspberry Pi users.
  • Client Spotlight: Infuse for tvOS and iOS - Jellyfin: The Free Software Media System — With Infuse, it's easy to connect to with automatic server discovery. Once connected, you can enjoy direct playback (no transcoding required) for almost all formats.
  • Jellyfin Plugin for Kodi — The Jellyfin for Kodi add-on combines the best of Kodi - ultra smooth navigation, beautiful UIs and playback of any file under the sun, and Jellyfin - the most powerful open source multi-client media metadata indexer and server. You can now retire your MySQL setup in favor of a more flexible setup.
  • catt — Cast All The Things allows you to send videos from many, many online sources to your Chromecast.
  • Self-Hosted Podcast — Discover new software and hardware to get the best out of your network, control smart devices, and secure your data on cloud services.
  • Perfect Media Server — Perfect Media Server began life as a series of blog posts over at Those posts continue to be very popular but a blog post (or three) can only get you so far... I therefore introduce - a wiki format information repository detailing all you need to know to build a free, open and modular media server that will last for many, many years.
  • Jellyfin Android App
  • Jellyfin for Android TV
  • Jellyfin Roku App
  • Jellyfish Bitrate Test Files
  • jellyfin-mpv-shim — MPV Cast Client for Jellyfin.
  • Pick: Junction — Set Junction as the default application for a resource and let it do the rest. Junction will pop up and offer multiple options to handle it.
  • Junction on Flathub


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