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LAN 277: Linux Action News 277

  • Air Date: 2023-01-25
  • Duration: 15 mins 48 secs

About this episode

An Ubuntu expiration date approaches, openSUSE has a new handy solution, and the container security issue that remains unfixed.

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32-bit applications, 64-bit, cisco, container runtime, containers, copy protection, cve, cve-2019-5736, desktop distro, docker, end of life, esm, extended security maintenance, fedora, gaming on linux, giuseppe scrivano, h.264 codec, h.265, hardware enablement, hwe, image-overwrite attacks, iot, kubernetes, linus torvalds, linux 6.2, linux action news, linux desktop, linux distributions, linux news podcast, lts, lukasz zemczak, media foundation, memfd, multiarch, nixos, obs, open build system, openh264, opensuse, pe format, podman, prctl, proton, runc, security, software patents, steam, ubuntu, ubuntu 22.04.2, ubuntu community, ubuntu pro, user namespaces, video codecs, wine, wine 8.0, wow64

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