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LAN 254: Linux Action News 254

  • Air Date: 2022-08-18
  • Duration: 19 mins 39 secs

About this episode

A Linux jailbreak that's a win for Right to Repair, our favorite things in Android 13, and the major features that just missed the Linux 6.0 window.

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abi, android 13, anti-cheat, aosp, arch linux, art runtime, asus, bluetooth le, btrfs, carlos o'donell, checksums, copy-on-write, debian, debian day, debian's 29th birthday, defcon, doom, dt_gnu_hash, dt_hash, eac, easy anti-cheat, elf, encryption, epic, gabi, gaming on linux, glibc, glibc 2.36, gnu c library, google, google play, gpl, hardware hacking, ifixit, ios, jailbreak, john deere, kyle wiens, libstrangle, linux 5.20, linux 6.0, linux action news, linux gaming, linux news podcast, lru vm, major version number, mobile, oneplus, pierre-loup griffais, pixel, predictive back gesture, preempt_rt, proton, proton 7.0.4, real-time kernel, right to repair, rust, samsung galaxy, security, semantic versioning, sick codes, steam, tablets, timing attack, touchscreen, valve, windows, windows ce

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