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SSH 076: Solid as a Rock

  • Air Date: 2022-07-29
  • Duration: 71 mins 28 secs

About this episode

Alex runs us through his new and improved off-site backup setup, and Chris is trying out some Shelly devices.

Your hosts

  • Jupiter Broadcasting Meetup Page
  • Tailscale mesh network using OPNsense — OPNsense is an open source router and firewall platform built using FreeBSD. Tailscale can be installed on an OPNsense platform, joining it to your WireGuard-based mesh network.
  • OPNsense repo by mimugmail — Here you'll find source of a couple of plugins but it's mainly just for tracking bugs or new feature requests.
  • Install AdGuard Home on an OPNsense router
  • Hard Drive Life Expectancy — Using the Drive Stats data we’ve collected since 2013, we have selected 10 drive models that have a sufficient number of both drives and drive days to produce Kaplan-Meier life expectancy curves we can use to easily visualize their life expectancy. Using these life expectancy curves we’ll compare drive models in cohorts of 4TB, 8TB, 12TB, and 14TB to see what we can find.
  • Shelly Flood
  • Shelly Flood Notification on Water Detection
  • SHELLY FLOOD Detect any leakages immediately — I will show you how to use Home Assistant and Shelly Flood Sensor to detect any leakages at your home immediately. We will use some Home Assistant automations and MQTT protocol.
  • UNNotificationInterruptionLevel.timeSensitive — The system presents the notification immediately, lights up the screen, and can play a sound, but won’t break through system notification controls.
  • Shelly Plus H&T — With over 1 year of battery life, Shelly Plus H&T will make sure that you are always aware of the temperature and humidity levels in your home. Enhanced with a faster processor, Shelly Plus H&T monitors even the slightest change in the conditions and will help you prevent dryness or mold while maintaining comfortable conditions at the premises.
  • Shelly Plus Plug US — Shelly Plus Plug US will monitor and control lighting, heating, or any other connected electrical appliance at home.
  • Leviton joins as a Works with Home Assistant partner — Today we are happy to announce our first Works with Home Assistant partner: Leviton!
  • Shelly Smoke — When there is smoke detected, Shelly Smoke activates a Voice and Light alarm, and sends a notification instantly.
  • Jellyfin CSS Customization — Custom CSS provides customization such as changing colors, changing layouts, and item size and behavior. Below is a list of various tweaks that can be applied.
  • What is the Lightning Network? — The Lightning Network was proposed in 2015 by two researchers, Thaddeus Dryja and Joseph Poon, in a paper titled “The Bitcoin Lightning Network.” Their writings were based on previous discussions of payment channels made by Satoshi Nakamoto, the anonymous creator of Bitcoin. Nakamoto described payment channels to fellow developer Mike Hearn, who published the conversations in 2013.
  • Umbrel — Run a personal server in your home, self-host open source apps like Nextcloud and Bitcoin node, break away from big tech, and take full control of your data. For free.
  • nix-bitcoin — nix-bitcoin is a collection of Nix packages and NixOS modules for easily installing full-featured Bitcoin nodes with an emphasis on security.
  • Grab a New Podcast app — Get a Podcasting 2.0 compatible app.


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