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LAN 284: Linux Action News 284

  • Air Date: 2023-03-16
  • Duration: 16 mins 57 secs

About this episode

Docker's open-source crackdown, the Wayland regression solved this week, and why ipmitool's repo has been locked.

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blue team, commercialization, compositing, compositor restarts, container images, container registry, david edmundson, defensive security, docker, docker free team organizations, docker hub, docker-sponsored open source, dreamworks, elixir, fedora 37, github, github container registry, graphics, gtk, ipmi, ipmitool, justin cormack, kali, kali purple, kde, leftpad, linux action news, linux news podcast, localstack, moonray, name squatting, oci, openfaas, openmoonray, pentesting, purple team, qt, qt 6, qubes os, quobes os 4.1.2, ray tracing, red team, rendering, sanctions, security, virtual machines, wayland

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