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LUP 368: The Best is Yet to Come

  • Air Date: 2020-08-26
  • Duration: 65 mins 1 secs

About this episode

It's a new day for Jupiter Broadcasting and the show, we share our big news.

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2.5 admins, alan pope, alex kretzschmar, btrfs, bug reports, bug-a-thon, chowdown, coder radio, discord, drew devore, fedora 33, fedora iot, fedora test week, fetchcord, free software, joe ressington, jupiter broadcasting 3.0, lan, linux, linux action news, linux podcast, martin wimpress, matrix, michael dominick, minix, mumble, open source, popey, self-hosted recipes, the new show, unix, unplugged, unplugged core contributors, wimpy, wimpy’s world

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