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LUP 367: Podcatcher Play-off

  • Air Date: 2020-08-19
  • Duration: 65 mins 53 secs

About this episode

We round up the best podcast clients for your Linux desktop, mobile, and the web.

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a cloud guru, airsonic, arch, birthday, castero, castget, cli, command line, cpod, debian bullseye, fibers, futex_swap, gnome podcasts, go, google, gpodder, greenthreads, internet outage, jupiter broadcasting, jupiterbroadcasting matrix, linux kernel, linux podcast, linux preppers, mac pro, manjaro forum, matrix, mozilla, multitasking, podcasts, podfox, project offgrid, rust, rust foundation, scheduling, shellcaster, spotify, switchto, tui, unplugged, user-space threading, winds

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