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LUP 476: Canary in the Photo Mine

  • Air Date: 2022-09-18
  • Duration: 87 mins 4 secs

About this episode

We've gone deep to find our perfect Google Photos replacement. This week we'll share our setup that we think works great, is easy to use, and is fully backed up.

Your hosts


ai, android, autotag, casaos, cloud backup, cloud storage, crowdsec, data storage, decentralized storage, face-recognition, fail2ban, garmin, glacier, google photo, headway, jupiter broadcasting, kde, librephotos, linux mint, linux podcast, linux unplugged, lomorage, ml, mobius sync, navigation, openstreetmap, osmand, photo backup, photo sharing, photo sync, photoprism, photosync, photoview, pigallery2, plasma, rclone, s3, s3fs, self-hosted, stingle, storj, syncthing, uhuruphotos, warrant canary, wazuh, webdav

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