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LUP 467: All Hands on Deck

  • Air Date: 2022-07-17
  • Duration: 81 mins 27 secs

About this episode

We try and bust a common Linux distro myth. Then what surprised Chris about his new Steam Deck.

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80hd, arch, battery life, bios, boostcli, desktop linux, droidcam, filesystem, flatpak, furtherance, graphics card, grub, jupiter broadcasting, kde, larix broadcaster, linux gaming, linux podcast, linux unplugged, manjaro, microsoft, nebula, neon, non-free drivers, nvidia, pacman, partitioning, proton, python, read-only filesystem, repl, rust, steam deck, tech pants, touchscreen, ubuntu, uefi, v4l2loopback, valve, virtual keyboard, x11

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