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SSH 110: Google Photos Replacement

  • Air Date: 2023-11-17
  • Duration: 71 mins 42 secs

About this episode

That man behind the Google Photos killer joins us to chat about the latest release of Immich. Plus, Alex's first impressions of 45Homelab's HL15.

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  • Immich — Self-hosted Backup Solution for Photos and Videos on Mobile Devices.
  • Immich Release v1.86.0 — In this release we have added an option to enable parter-shared photos to be displayed in the main timeline. This feature can be enabled on a per-partner basis and can be viewed and updated on both the web and mobile app.
  • Introduction to ZFS Replication — Up your OpenZFS data management game and handle hardware failure with a minimal data loss
  • 45HomeLab - Staff Pick Applications — 45HomeLab provides a platform to run whatever applications you want on your server. For your convenience, our staff picked their favorite applications, tested and assembled them here.
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45homelab's hl15, auto backup, backblaze cloud, breaking changes, docker compose, exif info, google photos killer, heic/heif backup, image tagging, immich, jupiter broadcasting, multi-user, object detection, photo and video backup, real-time render, restic, s3 encrypted object storage, self-hosting podcast

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