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LAN 228: Linux Action News 228

  • Air Date: 2022-02-17
  • Duration: 16 mins 9 secs

About this episode

Canonical has a big week, why bcachefs looks like it's taking another step forward, and ChromeOS Flex for PCs is released.

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android, apple m1, bcache, bcachefs, canonical, chrome os flex, chromebook, cloudready, copy-on-write, cpufreq, desktop linux, direct x, dxvk, easy anti-cheat, filesystems, gigabyte, google, hardware, io_uring, jens axboe, kent overstreet, linux action news, linux news podcast, macbook, mobile world congress, mwc 2022, neverware, proton 7.0, server, snapshots, steam, ubuntu, valve, vkd3d-proton, vulkan, wine, wine 7.0

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