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LAN 298: Linux Action News 298

  • Air Date: 2023-06-29
  • Duration: 13 mins 55 secs

About this episode

Why everyone is excited about the next Linux kernel, Valve's big hire, and Red Hat's clone war.

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6.5 release, alma, alyssa rosenzweig, amd p-state driver, apple m2 soc support, bcachefs, btrfs, btrfs stack refinement, bug fixes, centos stream, centos stream repository, comprehensive webui, containerized development, desktop mode, driver updates, enterprise linux community, ext4 performance optimization, extent buffer reading, faster sync, fedora, file system, future improvements, google pixel 8, intel cpu support, io tracking, kernel developers, legal compliance, linux 6.4, linux 6.5, linux action news, linux graphics, linux news podcast, lxd graphical user interface, mm reverts, mouse and keyboard support, official lxd ui tool, panfrost driver, red hat, rhel source, rocky, samsung dex, snap package, stable, tensor g3 soc, tracing updates, ubuntu edge, usb displayport alternate mode, valves software, web ui

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