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LUP 550: Ready Player Linux

  • Air Date: 2024-02-18
  • Duration: 74 mins 0 secs

About this episode

Chris spends the week in a VR desktop, revealing the glitches, gains, and VR's open-source future.

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ansible, ansiview, arion, boosts, compose2nix, desktop, docker compose, emby, fountain, immersed, ipfs, jellyfin, jupiter broadcasting, linux, linux podcast, linux unplugged, monado, mutter, nextcloud, nix, nixcloud, nixos, nixpkgs-xr, oci-containers, open-source, opencomposite, openxr, owntracks, pcvr, pebkac, podcasting, productivity, quest 3, scale, screens, simulavr, steamvr, systemd, tailscale, triangle vr headset, vr

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