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LUP 427: Life Changing Virtualization

  • Air Date: 2021-10-12
  • Duration: 69 mins 13 secs

About this episode

Wimpy stops by with a new tool that will change your virtualization game, and we share our thoughts on Ubuntu 21.10 and take the flavor challenge.

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almalinux, amd, apple m1, centos, cgroup v2, firefox snap, flutter, gnome 40, gpu acceleration, impish indri, jupiter broadcasting, kde 5.22.5, krita, kubuntu, latte-dock, liberty linux, linux 5.13, linux podcast, linux unplugged, mac os, macbook hate, mate 1.26, microsoft, microsoft store, nftables, nuc, nvidia, pci passthrough, phoronix test suite 10.6, pipewire, plasma desktop, qemu 6.0, quickemu, raspberry pi, rhel, suse, systemd, tpm, ubuntu 21.10, virtio, virtualization, windows 11, wsl, wslg, yaru

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