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LUP 416: Server Meltdown

  • Air Date: 2021-07-27
  • Duration: 52 mins 27 secs

About this episode

We try to pull off a show while recovering from an epic server crash. Then we build the ultimate remote Linux desktop—in the cloud!

Your hosts


alpine, arch, battery life, containers, decrentalized communication, dendrite, docker, docker-wine, electron, element, fedora, fingerprint reader, framework laptop, freebsd, gamescope, guacamole, hardware, hellosystem, ipfs, jingos, jingpad a1, jupiter broadcasting, linux gaming, linux graphics, linux laptop, linux podcast, linux unplugged,, matrix, metaplanet, obs, oneweb, pierre-loup griffais, protocol labs, proton, rdp, remote desktop, right to repair, satellite internet, skype, spacex, starlink, steam, steamcompmgr, steamos, synapse, ubuntu, valve, vulkan, wayland, webtop, windows, wine, winetricks, xvfb, xwayland

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