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LAN 181: Linux Action News 181

  • Air Date: 2021-03-21
  • Duration: 23 mins 0 secs

About this episode

Mobile Linux OSes are looking better than ever this week, a new effort to keep legacy applications running on Linux, and the signals indicating a Fuchsia release is nigh.

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android, canonical, dalton durst, etcher, f1, fedora 34, fuschia, gjs, gnome 40, gnome extensions, gnome os, google, google i/o, gtk 4+, just perfection, legacy apps on wayland, linux action news, linux news podcast, linux phone, milestone release, mutter, ota-16, overscan, pinephone, pixel 3a, raspberry pi, raspberry pi imager, red hat, sri ramkrishna, ssh, ubuntu mobile, ubuntu touch, volla phone, wayland, wi-fi, x11, xorg, xwayland 21.1, zircon

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