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OFH 006: Peer to Peer Future

  • Air Date: 2022-06-10
  • Duration: 75 mins 5 secs

About this episode

Outdoor networking adventures, new decentralized tools we're building, and a great chat with one of the co-founders of Podverse - an impressive open-source Podcasting 2.0 app.

Your hosts

  • JupiterTube — Live streams and special events.
  • VDO.Ninja Trampoline — This form is just a URL simplification trampoline, i.e., it takes a few intuitive URL parameters and redirects to the underlying complex technical URL of VDO.Ninja. It allows you to control VDO.Ninja parameters at a central place while being able to use clean, intuitive and stable URLs for both the presenters and OBS Studio.
  • Vingester — Vingester (Video ingester, /ˈvɪnˈdʒɛster/) is a small, Open Source licensed, Electron-based, desktop application for use under Windows, macOS or Linux to run multiple Chromium-based Web browser instances and ingesting their rendered Web Contents as screen/window-captured or NDI-multicasted or FFmpeg-based video streams for further use in local or remote video mixing applications or for local recording.
  • Raspberry_ninja — Turn your Raspberry Pi or Nvidia Jetson into a ninja-cam with hardware-acceleration enabled! This lets you publish live streaming video and audio directly to your web browser or OBS instance using VDO.Ninja. Achieve very low streaming latency over the Internet or a LAN; all for free.
  • electroncapture: Playback video in a frameless electron app for screen-sharing and window capture — Created for VDO.Ninja users, it can provide users a clean way of window capturing websites. In the case of VDO.Ninja, it may offer a more flexible and reliable method of capturing live video than the browser source plugin built into OBS.
  • Issue tracking for Jupiter Broadcasting's peertube — Issue tracking for Jupiter Broadcasting's peertube instance at
  • PeerTube 4.2 — Editing videos from the web interface, detailed viewers stats for videos, ability to adjust latency during a live broadcast and much more... Let's look around and see what it brings us!
  • JupiterTube Matrix Chatroom — Join our JupiterTube Operations chat room on Matrix.
  • Podverse — Open source podcast app. Available for iOS, Android, F-Droid, and web.
  • Office Hours on Podverse
  • @Podverse on Twitter
  • Podverse on GitHub
  • Alby - Bitcoin Lightning Wallet — The Bitcoin Lightning wallet for direct payments across the globe, Bitcoin Lightning applications and passwordless logins. Alby is a wallet to send and receive Bitcoin payments with your normal browser on the Bitcoin Lightning Network with ease.
  • HP Dev One — From preinstalled Linux Pop!_OS to a tuned Linux keyboard with a Super key, HP Dev One is designed with powerful features and tools to help you code your way.
  • HP Dev One Unboxing - JupiterTube — I clipped the video of the HP Dev One unboxing from Office Hours, just in case you'd like to take a peek!
  • Umbrel 0.5 — This is Umbrel 0.5. A beautiful personal server OS that makes self-hosting accessible for everyone. And our biggest update to Umbrel yet.
  • Umbrel ☂️ on Twitter — A whole new look. Realtime app updates. App permissions, dependencies, and authentication. Official Bitcoin & Lightning node apps. Oh, and dark mode.
  • Boost: Grab a New Podcast App — Send a Boost into the show with a Podcasting 2.0 compatible app.


activitypub, boosts, chrislas, decentralized podcasting, diy cdn, hp dev one, hp dev one unboxing, jupiter broadcasting, learning python, mastadon, office hours, peertube, podcasting 2.0, podverse, pop os, python, starlink poll mount, ubiquiti, umbrel, value for value, webtorrent, wireless, wisp

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