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LAN 258: Linux Action News 258

  • Air Date: 2022-09-15
  • Duration: 23 mins 32 secs

About this episode

The Linux Foundation takes a victory lap, Google kills another community-loved project, and key moments from the Linux Plumbers Conference.

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2038 problem, ai, alien labs, async i/o, at&t, busybox, chromebook, chromeos, cryptocurrency miner, dark mode, digital wallets, ebpf, edr, embedded devices, facebook, firewall, fork, google, interpreter, io_uring, iptables, jens axboe, josh triplett, linux action news, linux foundation, linux foundation europe, linux news podcast, linux plumbers conference, lpc, malware, meta, mettle metasploit, ml, musl, nftables, nvme, open source, open source summit europe, opencl, openwallet foundation, openwrt 22.03, optimization, owf, performance, pixelbook, polymorphic encoder, posix_spawn, pytorch, reverse shell, router, rust, security, shellcode, shikata ga nai, shikitega, vfork, virus, vulnerability, western digital, wifi 6, xmrig

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