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LAN 231: Linux Action News 231

  • Air Date: 2022-03-10
  • Duration: 18 mins 23 secs

About this episode

Why Dirty Pipe is a dirty dog, the explosive adoption of Linux at AMD, and an important update on elementary OS.

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ai, amd, android, austin, bios, blake kostner, cassidy james blaede, cm4all, cpu, cve-2022-0847, danielle fore, dirty pipe, element, element call, elementary os, end-to-end encryption, hangouts, hardware, kvm, linux 5.8, linux action news, linux news podcast, linux security, matrix, max kellermann, mcu, ml, openbmc, peer-to-peer, pipelines, pixel 6, qemu, samsung galaxy s22, sfu, silicon, sip, synapse, texas, uefi, unix pipe, virtualization, voip, webrtc, zero-copy, zoom

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