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LUP 398: Back in the Freedom Dimension

  • Air Date: 2021-03-23
  • Duration: 60 mins 44 secs

About this episode

We share our favorite networking trick of all time, and then chat with the blokes behind a new WireGuard-powered service.

Your hosts


cve, dalton durst, daniel fore, discord, drivers, dsnet, edw, elementary developer weekend, elementary os, fedora 34, firewalls, free software, freebsd, fsf, gcc, gnome 40, gnu, greg kroah-hartman, hoppy,, iptables, jupiter broadcasting, linus torvalds, linux, linux modules, linux podcast, linux-next, luplug, matrix, meerschaum, microsoft, nat, netgate, networking, ngrok, openssl, ota 16, pfsense, pockit, port forwarding, raspberry pi, richard stallman, rms, router, rust, rust-for-linux, security, social forking, ssh, subspace, ubports, ubuntu touch, unplugged, vpn, wireguard

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