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CR 448: Fakers and Takers

  • Air Date: 2022-01-12
  • Duration: 52 mins 24 secs

About this episode

Was he justified? Our thoughts on the dev who corrupted libraries in NPM for millions of users with his political statement about free software.

Your hosts

  • Dev corrupts NPM libs 'colors' and 'faker' breaking thousands of apps — The colors library receives over 20 million weekly downloads on npm alone and has almost 19,000 projects relying on it. Whereas, faker receives over 2.8 million weekly downloads on npm, and has over 2,500 dependents.
  • Why Apple’s iMessage Is Winning: Teens Dread the Green Text Bubble — The reference to the color of group text messages—Android users turn Apple Inc.’s iMessage into green bubbles instead of blue—highlighted one of the challenges of her experiment. No longer did her group chats work seamlessly with other peers, almost all of whom used iPhones. FaceTime calls became more complicated and the University of Michigan sophomore’s phone didn’t show up in an app she used to find friends.
  • Android on Twitter — iMessage should not benefit from bullying. Texting should bring us together, and the solution exists. Let’s fix this as one industry.
  • Bartender 4 — Bartender is an award-winning app for macOS that superpowers your menu bar, giving you total control over your menu bar items, what's displayed, and when, with menu bar items only showing when you need them.
  • Magnet – Window manager for Mac — Activated by dragging, customizable keyboard shortcuts or via menu bar, Magnet declutters your screen by snapping windows into organized tiles.
  • Rocket – the best emoji app for Mac — Rocket is a free Mac app that makes typing emoji faster and easier using Slack-style shortcuts.


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