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OFH 022: Running with Flaming Chainsaws

  • Air Date: 2023-02-03
  • Duration: 69 mins 28 secs

About this episode

We blow the lid off a secret project and get LIT.

Your hosts

  • The Story of Upgrading our OBS Rig on LUP — Today we are finally taking on a project months in the making, and we're switching to an entirely new generation of Linux tech in the process.
  • Sovereign Feeds — A tool to create your own Podcasting 2.0 feed!
  • Jupiter Test Signal on the — Grab the test feed for the show from the Podcast Index.
  • Jupiter Test Signal on Podverse — The test feed is already on Podverse, great way to try out the LIT support for the next episode. :)
  • Podcasting 2.0 Spec on Transcripts — This is the initial spec for the podcast transcript format. There are four possible formats detailed below.
  • 48 Cores Maxed Out — Transcription maxes out our beast.
  • At Patreon, Mismanagement Thwarts a Pandemic-Era Star — Jack Conte’s artistic and entrepreneurial passions forged one of the standout successes of the creator economy. But payouts to settle sex-discrimination complaints, a stock sale by insiders and Conte’s haphazard leadership of Patreon have sullied its image among some current and former employees.
  • paris martineau on Twitter — I spent the last 2mo talking to 20+ employees at the tech unicorn Patreon. They described a mission-driven startup crumbling under the leadership of YouTuber turned CEO Jack Conte
  • Alby 🐝 on Twitter — Alby is pleased to announce a new partnership with Blubrry; a leading podcasting platform for hosting, distribution, audience statistics, monetization, and other tools podcasters need to publish, analyze and grow their podcasts. Bringing V4V streaming.
  • Sam Talks Technology on Twitter — This week on @Podnews weekly is Todd Cochrane @GeekNews CEO of @blubrry talking about their new partnership with @getAlby, so 100K+ customers now have a digital wallet for micropayments. They have also added support for LIT for all customers. #value4value
  • How it's Made, v1 — Before we get into how I am doing things (the what), let’s take a step back and first look at why I’m doing things the way I am. To do that, we need to start with talking about what Podcasting 2.0 is.
  • Jamie Dimon Thinks Bitcoin Supply Won’t Really Be Capped at 21 Million — “Maybe it's gonna get to 21 million and Satoshi’s picture is gonna come up and laugh at you all.”
  • The Blocksize War — The battle over who controls Bitcoin’s protocol rules.
  • What is the best takedown of Bitcoin out there? — I'd like to see a solid argument for why Bitcoin will fail, I want to properly steal-man the opposing view, and I want to have a deeper perspective as to what the risks and negatives are with Bitcoin.
  • Alby — Lightning for your Browser! — Alby brings Boosts to the web.


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