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LAN 081: Linux Action News 81

  • Air Date: 2018-11-25
  • Duration: 27 mins 46 secs

About this episode

The Fuchsia bomb ticks closer, Valve's Steam Link end of life shocks us, and Amazon's new, rather obvious feature.

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  • Huawei testing Fuchsia on the Honor Play — A new commit in the Fuchsia source code has revealed that Huawei has managed to boot the Zircon kernel on the Honor Play.
  • Steam Link box discontinued — According to Valve, the inventory of Steam Links has fully depleted, meaning this one’s apparently gone for good.
  • Atari VCS update — Mostly unfiltered excerpts of some of Rob Wyatt’s internal notes to the Atari VCS team over the past several months of development that reveal some of the story around the origins of the Atari VCS Operating System.
  • Predictive Scaling for EC2, Powered by Machine Learning — Today we are making Auto Scaling even more powerful with the addition of predictive scaling. Using data collected from your actual EC2 usage and further informed by billions of data points drawn from our own observations, we use well-trained Machine Learning models to predict your expected traffic (and EC2 usage) including daily and weekly patterns.
  • Free continuous delivery service for open-source developers — “It’s free for the open-source community. So it’s an open source only offering. There’s no paid plan, and it’s only available to public GitHub repositories,”
  • America’s nuclear arsenal relies on supercomputer running RHEL — Sierra looks like an unassuming server farm, but is actually a massive connected hive of 190,000 processing cores.


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