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LUP 505: Keep Your Darn Secrets

  • Air Date: 2023-04-09
  • Duration: 73 mins 47 secs

About this episode

We try out the most secure messaging app in the world, and Wes’ new note system that's so great you’ll want to abandon your current one.

Your hosts


appimage, block editor, block reference, clojure, clojurescript, codex docs, datalog, decentralized, delete for everyone, device local, disappearing messages, double ratchet, e2ee, editor.js, electon, end-to-end-encrypted, evernote, flashcards, gnome, gping, graph, graph database, haskell, jupiter broadcasting, kde, kde connect, knowledge base, linux podcast, linux unplugged, logseq, markdown, message broker, note sync, notes, obsidian, open-source, org mode, outliner, pdf annotation, personal knowledge management, plasma, plugins, privacy, private chat, productivity, roam research, rust, security, signal, simplex, simplex relay, simplexmq, smp, spaced repetition, task management, telegram, todo, todoist, tuxedo os, user identifiers, whiteboard, zettelkasten

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