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LUP 340: IRC is Dead

  • Air Date: 2020-02-11
  • Duration: 72 mins 58 secs

About this episode

The difficult and fascinating conversations from FOSDEM 2020. Plus how elementary OS does coopertition right.

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a cloud guru, airplay, amd, appcenter for everyone, burn out, coreboot, crowdfunding, dustin kirkland, dusty mabe, elementaryos, fosdem, fosdem 2020, history, hollywood, irc, james bottemly, jupiter broadcasting, kde, linux podcast, linux smartphone, lts, matthew broberg, mobile, open source, oreboot, pdp-7, pine64 pinephone, plasma, plasma 5.18, robert morris, rust, rust watch, ryzen, shairport-sync, system 76, thelio, thelio major, threadripper 3990x, unix, unplugged, warner losh

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