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LUP 488: Revenge of the Lizard People

  • Air Date: 2022-12-11
  • Duration: 80 mins 12 secs

About this episode

We complete a year-long journey and discover some unspoken truths about a great Linux distro. Plus one small, and one major update on our GrapheneOS adventure.

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ansible, arc gpu, backup strategy, btrfs, carplay, cold storage, dave, debian tattoo, degoogling, gps logger, grapheneos, jif, jiraffeneos, jnome, jupiter broadcasting, kde, linux podcast, linux unplugged, lizard brent, magsafe, never have i ever, nextcloud, nextcloud notes, nix, nixos, opensuse, opi, patreon, pixel, pixel 7, plasma, rockstor, rolling distro,, tumbleweed, tumbleweed-cli, tuxies, twups, xmpp, yast, zyp, zypper

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